IOR Valdada

Модель: 4AD_H_1_4x32
Оптический прицел IOR Valdada 1x/4x32 Hunting с подсветкой (4AD)
80,000 руб.
Модель: Tactical 2-1
Оптический прицел IOR Valdada 2-12x36 35mm Tactical  с подсветкой (MP-8 DOT)
120,000 руб.
Модель: 4AD_H_2-12x3
Оптический прицел IOR Valdada 2-12x36 Hunting с подсветкой (4AD)
120,000 руб.
Модель: Valdada 4x3
Оптический прицел IOR Valdada 4x32 Hunting
Модель: Valdada 6x42
Оптический прицел IOR Valdada 6x42 30mm Hunting
Модель: 1805449930
Оптический прицел IOR Valdada Tactical Spyder compact 9-36x44 1/4 MOA
116,000 руб.

I.O.R. (Romanian Optics Industry), is one of the largest and oldest factories in Europe, initially specialized in producing elite military opto-mechanical devices since 1936, products tested with great success even during W.W.II. Kept under the darkest shadow, as one of Romania's biggest secrets by the former dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, I.O.R. has developed and produced optics rated as some of the finest in the world. During the "Cold War" years the I.O.R. products were successfully used by the Warsaw Pact Army and Navy elite troops, along with other similar products from Carl Zeiss Jena Germany. Today, I.O.R. - as the last original optical factory of Eastern Europe - to continue their legendary existence, remains a serious and reliable supplier of optical components and assemblies for other famous European companies like: Leica, Schnider, Hensoldt, Pentacon, Fog-Gorlitz, Carl Zeiss GMBH, at the same time continuing their long time collaboration with Jaener GlassWerk GMBH from Jena - Germany. Since 1989, when the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain tumbled to the ground, all Warsaw Pact military items became precious collectibles. Being exceptional products, and now that the Warsaw Pact no longer exists, we are finally able to bring this incredible line of products to the North American market. All I.O.R. products come with Full Lifetime Limited Warranty.