Модель: TLB-BWC
Мишени тренировочные лазерные банки laserlyte TLB-BWC
11,900 руб.
Модель: laserlyte TL
Мишень тренировочная лазерная laserlyte TLB-1 - MSRP
20,000 руб.
Модель: LT-223
Патрон лазерный тренировочный 5.56x45 .223 REM laserlyte LT-223
10,381 руб.
Модель: LTS-308
Патрон лазерный тренировочный 7.62x51 .308WIN  laserlyte LTS-308
4,325 руб.
Модель: MBS-1722
Универсальная лазерная пристрелка .17-.22 laserlyte MBS-1722
5,200 руб.
OUR MISSION Our mission is to heighten the experience of shooting. ABOUT US LaserLyte is the shooting and hunting division of P&L Industries, Incorporated. Larry Moore, owner and president, has been involved with the shooting and hunting industry for more than thirty years. Moore started out with a book publishing company specializing in survival tactics and weapons. Moore later created and published several magazines including S.W.A.T. (Special Weapons and Tactics), Turbo and Arizona Hunter and Angler. In 1987, Moore founded a gun accessories business that grew to be Tac Star Industries, Incorporated. With Tac Star, Moore sold gun accessories and designed new products including the first “laser bore sighter” on the market. In 1996, Moore merged with Lyte Optronics to form LaserLyte. After selling the gun accessories division in 1997, Moore purchased LaserLyte back in 2001. From then on, he has worked diligently to refine his previous work and develop new and innovative shooting products. In 2002 Larry’s son, Aaron Moore, joined his father in business full time as Vice President and Director of Operations after several years of living overseas and completing college degrees in business, engineering and international relations. Aaron’s arrival allowed Larry to shift 100% of his focus to designing cutting-edge laser products for the shooting industry. “It is a great alignment of assets for my father and I, we put our ideas together, he designs them and then I present them to market,” says Aaron. Both Larry and Aaron have a great passion for the outdoors that is infused into their family life. “My Dad and I hunt as much as possible,” says Aaron, “It’s a great chance to spend some time together as well as come up with new ideas for LaserLyte to help hunters and shooters in their sport.” Thanks for your support!